Christian Briggs

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Models of structural characteristics that may influence national infant and child homicide victim rates are derived from prior research. Expected effects of structural characteristics from a "social control" perspective are compared with expected effects from a "guardians, suitable target" perspective. Gartner's (1991) claim that structural factors(More)
Video prototyping is an established technique in HCI, often used early in the design process to show the context in which a particular interface might be used. Unfortunately, even with falling costs, video production is expensive and demands many tangible resources. Machinima appears poised to offer a new approach to video prototyping. To understand how(More)
Ocular neovascularization underlies major blinding eye diseases such as "wet" age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Despite the successes of treatments targeting the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) pathway, resistant and refractory patient populations necessitate discovery of new therapeutic targets. Using a forward chemical genetic approach, we(More)
Young adults today often lack the knowledge and skills necessary to manage a nutritious eating pattern. Monitoring nutritional intake can provide the stimulus to change unhealthy patterns. To this end we introduce Health View, a web-based nutrition monitoring system that subtly integrates with the current habits of today's young adults. Health View(More)
Nuclear pasta, with nonspherical shapes, is expected near the base of the crust in neutron stars. Large-scale molecular dynamics simulations of pasta show long lived topological defects that could increase electron scattering and reduce both the thermal and electrical conductivities. We model a possible low-conductivity pasta layer by increasing an impurity(More)
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