Christian Brel

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Ahead of the multiplication of specialized applications, needs for application composition increase. Each application can be described by a pair of a visible part –the User Interface (UI) –and a hidden part –the tasks and the Functional Core (FC). Few works address the problem of application composition by handling both visible and hidden parts at the same(More)
Mash-ups emerged through the web 2.0 to juxtapose several applications and use them together. The next step after juxtaposition is the composition of existing applications to build a new one. A solution of this being born need is the reuse of parts from formers applications. To perform this composition and reuse in an easy and comfortable way, we propose a(More)
This paper reports an experience feedback about a Master-2 and Engineering-School level training in HCI based on the transfer of knowledge and technology from research and industry. We emphasize the importance of training students to promising research areas such as user interface plasticity and to recent technologies for developing mobile media and MS(More)
A possible way to obtain easily new applications is to compose existing applications. In order to support developers in this way, we propose a composition approach manipulating functionalities but also the User Interfaces. We propose a model of applications inspired from Component-Based approaches, describing ports for all Elements of the applications to be(More)
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