Christian Bouvier

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Lips segmentation is a very important step in many applications such as automatic speech reading, MPEG-4 compression, special effects, facial analysis and emotion recognition. In this paper, we present a robust method for unsupervised lips segmentation. First the color of the lips area is estimated using expectation maximization and a membership map of the(More)
The detection of the state open or closed of mouth is an important information in many applications such as hypo-vigilance analysis, face features segmentation or emotions recognition. In this work we propose a supervised classification method for mouth state detection based on retina filtering and cortex analysis inspired by the human visual system. The(More)
—Stereo vision is the most universal way to get 3D information passively. The fast progress of digital image processing hardware makes this computation approach realizable now. It is well known that stereo vision matches 2 or more images of a scene, taken by image sensors from different points of view. Any information loss, even partially in those images,(More)
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