Christian Bojarski

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BACKGROUND During neurosurgery intraoperative imaging of vital neural structures on a cellular level would facilitate the development of new strategies for diagnosis and treatment. In vivo imaging would permit the detection of the tumour centre and infiltration zone. With targeted biopsies the lesion of interest could be determined before performing the(More)
Endoscopic stent implantation is a common short-treatment option in palliative settings in patients with esophageal cancer. Advanced disease is associated with low survival rates; therefore, data on the long-term outcome are limited. So far, cases of long-term remission or even cure of metastasized adenocarcinoma of the gastroesophageal junction or stomach(More)
of mechanical recycling processes used to produce polyethylene terephthalate (PET) intended for food contact applications. of benzo[a]pyrene induce metabolic changes and oxidative stress in non-activated and affect the mTOR pathway in activated Jurkat T cells. 2014. Analytically monitored digestion of silver nano-particles and their toxicity on human(More)
In some cases the diagnosis of gastric cancer is difficult and the endoscopic presentation may be misleading. Diffuse type gastric carcinoma with peritoneal metastasis may present primarily with abdominal pain, colonic infiltration and/or diarrhea, thus other differential diagnoses like Crohn's disease (CD) may be considered at first. Therefore intensive(More)
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