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In this paper, the selection of H weighting functions for general practical applications is investigated. It is shown that an H weighting function for a single-input}single-output (SISO) plant can be obtained by considering a series of connections of elementary low-order plants. For a constrained control e!ort, an explicit weighting function expression is(More)
In radiation oncology, where treatment concepts are elaborated in interdisciplinary collaborations, handling distributed, large heterogeneous amounts of data efficiently is very important, yet challenging, for an optimal treatment of the patient as well as for research itself. This becomes a strong focus, as we step into the era of modern personalized(More)
In many search domains, both contents and searches are frequently tied to named entities such as a person, a company or similar. An example of such a domain is a news archive. One challenge from an information retrieval point of view is that a single entity can have more than one way of referring to it. In this paper we describe how to use Wikipedia(More)
BACKGROUND To establish a common database on particle therapy for the evaluation of clinical studies integrating a large variety of voluminous datasets, different documentation styles, and various information systems, especially in the field of radiation oncology. METHODS We developed a web-based documentation system for transnational and multicenter(More)
The demand on more efficient structures has increased the use of lightweight flexible structures in industrial applications. The main objective of this work is to suppress vibration at the free end of a single-link rotational robot subjected to fast movements. The control architecture is made up of two independent control loops; the first loop is employed(More)
In many applications, the use of slender and light flexible structures has increased due to the requirement of more efficient structures. The main objective of this work is to suppress vibration at the free end of a single-link rotational robot subjected to a harmonic disturbance located near to the tip of the link The control architecture is made up of two(More)
A new Adaptive Feed-Forward strategy is presented, that identifies the periodic disturbances of known frequencies. These disturbance sources can be external or internal. Internal disturbance are also called self-excited vibrations that come from the load or its parameter variations. These variations depend periodically on the angle of rotation particularly(More)