Christian Bodenstein

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Autonomous learning is demonstrated by living beings that learn visual invariances during their visual experience. Standard neural network models do not show this sort of learning. On the example of face recognition in different situations we propose a learning process that separates learning of the invariance proper from learning new instances of(More)
Exploration of chronobiological systems emerges as a growing research field within bioinformatics focusing on various applications in medicine, agriculture, and material sciences. From a systems biological perspective, the question arises whether biological control systems for regulation of oscillatory signals and their technical counterparts utilise(More)
In this work we formulate strategic decision models describing when and how many reserved instances should be bought when outsourcing a workload to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider. Current IaaS providers offer various pricing options for leasing computing resources. When decision makers are faced with the choice and most importantly with(More)
The dynamics of circadian rhythms needs to be adapted to day length changes between summer and winter. It has been observed experimentally, however, that the dynamics of individual neurons of the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) does not change as the seasons change. Rather, the seasonal adaptation of the circadian clock is hypothesized to be a consequence of(More)
A large portion of power consumed by datacenters in small and medium sized businesses is wasted consumption, as machines mostly run idle. Commonly, this is accepted by operators as many countermeasures, such as layout redesign or hardware upgrades are too. In this work we analyze how much power can be saved if an exact optimization problem is set up to(More)
Over the past two decades the rise of information technologies (IT) has enabled businesses to communicate, coordinate, and cooperate in unprecedented ways. However, this did not come without a price. Today, IT infrastructure accounts for a substantial fraction of the national energy consumption in most advanced countries. Subsequently, research turned to(More)
To anticipate daily variations in the environment and coordinate biological activities into a daily cycle many organisms possess a circadian clock. In the absence of external time cues the circadian rhythm persists with a period of approximately 24 h. The clock phase can be shifted by single pulses of light, darkness, chemicals, or temperature and this(More)
Enduring doubts about the value of IS investments reveal that IS researchers have not fully managed to identify and to explain the economic benefits of IS. Three research tasks are essential requisites on the path towards addressing this criticism: the synthesis of knowledge, the identification of lack of knowledge, and the proposition of paths for closing(More)