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Integrase is essential for human immunodeficiency virus-type 1 (HIV-1) replication; however, potent inhibition of the isolated enzyme in biochemical assays has not readily translated into antiviral activity in a manner consistent with inhibition of integration. In this report, we describe diketo acid inhibitors of HIV-1 integrase that manifest antiviral(More)
This paper describes the use of a new polyimide sieve electrode as a chronic neural interface to stimulate and record signals from regenerated peripheral nerves. Flexible thin polyimide electrodes were placed in silicone chambers and implanted between the severed ends of the sciatic nerve in rats. The sieve part of the interface has 281 round via holes of(More)
Short-range interatomic interactions govern many bio-molecular processes. Therefore, identifying close interaction partners in ensemble data is an essential task in structural biology and computational biophysics. A contact search can be cast as a typical range search problem for which efficient algorithms have been developed. However, none of those has yet(More)
During ribosomal translation, the two ribosomal subunits remain associated through intersubunit bridges, despite rapid large-scale intersubunit rotation. The absence of large barriers hindering rotation is a prerequisite for rapid rotation. Here, we investigate how such a flat free-energy landscape is achieved, in particular considering the large shifts the(More)
A free energy landscape estimation-method based on Bayesian inference is presented and used for comparing the efficiency of thermally enhanced sampling methods with respect to regular molecular dynamics, where the simulations are carried out on two binding states of calmodulin. The proposed free energy estimation method (the GM method) is compared to other(More)
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