Christian Blanck

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Silver nanoparticles were synthesized in linear and branched polyelectrolyte matrices using different reductants and distinct synthesis conditions. The effect of the host hydrolyzed linear polyacrylamide and star-like copolymers dextran-graft-polyacrylamide of various compactness, the nature of the reductant, and temperature were studied on in situ(More)
Here we investigate the supramolecular polymerizations of two lipophilic guanosine derivatives in chloroform by light scattering technique and TEM experiments. The obtained data reveal the presence of several levels of organization due to the hierarchical self-assembly of the guanosine units in ribbons that in turn aggregate in fibrillar or lamellar soft(More)
Morphogenesis of avian conjunctival papillae follows a predictable temporal and spatial pattern and is in some manner directly related to the introduction of the underlying scleral ossicles. We have been able, using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), to correlate all of Murray's ('43) histological stages (1--6) of papillae development, with changes in(More)
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