Christian Bierwirth

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A general model for job shop scheduling is described which applies to static, dynamic and non-deterministic production environments. Next, a Genetic Algorithm is presented which solves the job shop scheduling problem. This algorithm is tested in a dynamic environment under different workload situations. Thereby, a highly efficient decoding procedure is(More)
In this paper we concentrate on Job Shop Scheduling as a representative of constrained combinatorial problems. We introduce a new permutation representation for this problem. Three crossover operators , diierent in tending to preserve the relative order, the absolute order, and the position in the permutation, are deened. By experiment we observe the(More)
This paper presents a model for the daily planning of health care services carried out at patients' homes by staff members of a home care company. The planning takes into account individual service requirements of the patients, individual qualifications of the staff and possible interdependencies between different service operations. Interdependencies of(More)
We consider job shop scheduling problems with release and due-dates, as well as various tardiness objectives. To date, no efficient general-purpose heuristics have been developed for these problems. genetic algorithms can be applied almost directly, but come along with apparent weaknesses. We show that a heuristic reduction of the search space can help the(More)
This paper surveys recent publications on berth allocation, quay crane assignment, and quay crane scheduling problems in seaport container terminals. It continues the survey of Bierwirth and Meisel (2010) that covered the research up to 2009. Since then, there was a strong increase of activity observed in this research field resulting in more than 120 new(More)