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Vascular damage and platelet activation are associated with tissue remodeling in diseases such as systemic sclerosis, but the molecular mechanisms underlying this association have not been identified. In this study, we show that serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine [5-HT]) stored in platelets strongly induces extracellular matrix synthesis in interstitial(More)
The transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) signalling pathway is a key mediator of fibroblast activation that drives the aberrant synthesis of extracellular matrix in fibrotic diseases. Here we demonstrate a novel link between transforming growth factor-β and the canonical Wnt pathway. TGF-β stimulates canonical Wnt signalling in a p38-dependent manner by(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse the effect of the implementation of statin and magnesium treatment on delayed cerebral ischemia (DCI) and 14 day mortality in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). METHODS Retrospective, single-center, observational case control study. One hundred SAH patients received either simvastatin and magnesium, solely statin or no(More)
Autoimmunity, microangiopathy and tissue fibrosis are hallmarks of systemic sclerosis (SSc). Vascular alterations and reduced capillary density decrease blood flow and impair tissue oxygenation in SSc. Oxygen supply is further reduced by accumulation of extracellular matrix (ECM), which increases diffusion distances from blood vessels to cells. Therefore,(More)
  • Daniel Von Wachter, J H Röll, Armin Berger, Christian Beyer, Rafael Hüntelmann, Joseph Jedwab +5 others
  • 2000
(1659-1754) — zufolge hat die Metaphysik, die Erste Philosophie, zwei Teile, deren erster die Metaphysica generalis, die Ontologie, ist, und deren zweiter die Metaphysica specialis ist, zu welcher die Theologia rationalis (Philosophische Theologie), die Cosmologia rationalis (Philoso-phische Kosmologie) und die Psychologia rationalis (Philosophische(More)
Microparticles (MPs) are small membrane-vesicles that accumulate in the synovial fluids of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In the arthritic joints, MPs induce a pro-inflammatory and invasive phenotype in synovial fibroblasts (SFs). The present study investigated whether activation of SFs by MPs stimulates angiogenesis in the inflamed joints of(More)
INTRODUCTION A common drawback of many anticancer therapies is non-specificity in action of killing. We investigated the potential of ultra-low intensity and frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) to kill breast cancer cells. Our criteria to accept this technology as a potentially valid therapeutic approach were: 1) cytotoxicity to breast cancer(More)
BACKGROUND Systemic sclerosis (SSc)-overlap syndromes are a very heterogeneous and remarkable subgroup of SSc-patients, who present at least two connective tissue diseases (CTD) at the same time, usually with a specific autoantibody status. OBJECTIVES To determine whether patients, classified as overlap syndromes, show a disease course different from(More)
INTRODUCTION Papaverine (P) and nimodipine (N) are the most widely used vasodilators when angiographic and symptomatic vasospasm is present after subarachnoid aneurysmatic hemorrhage (SAH). Their effect is only short-lived and no direct comparisons have been undertaken to evaluate the action of both substances directly. We retrospectively assessed the(More)