Christian Bering

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This paper continues a line of research initiated by Kaernbach and Demany [J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 104, 2298-2306 (1998)], who employed filtered click sequences to explore the temporal mechanism involved in the pitch of unresolved harmonics. In a first experiment, the just noticeable difference (jnd) for the fundamental frequency (F0) of high-pass filtered and(More)
The use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has become more generally accepted, and implant dentists are using PRP more frequently to promote the healing of oral surgical and/or periodontal wounds. Critical elements of PRP are thought to be growth factors contained within the concentrated platelets. These growth factors are known to promote soft-tissue healing,(More)
We present an effort for the development of multilingual named entity grammars in a unification-based finite-state formalism (SProUT). Following an extended version of the MUC7 standard, we locations, currency, time and date expressions. Subgrammars and gazetteers are shared as much as possible for the grammars of the different languages. Multilingual(More)
Lipophilic metal chelators inhibit various energy-transducing functions of chloroplasts. The following observations were made 1. Photophosphorylation coupled to any known mode of electron transfer, i.e. whole-chain noncyclic, the partial noncyclic Photosystem I or Photosystem II reactions, or cyclic, is inhibited by several lipophilic chelators, but not by(More)
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