Christian Berger

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The role of physical and relational aggression in adolescents' friendship selection was examined in a longitudinal sample of 274 Chilean students from 5th and 6th grade followed over 1 year. Longitudinal social network modeling (SIENA) was used to study selection processes for aggression while influence processes were controlled for. Furthermore, the(More)
Engineering software for smart cyber-physical systems (sCPS) challenges developers as they have to deal with uncertain and volatile stimuli data perceived by sensors. Regression testing of a sCPS is time-consuming on sequential execution. However, sequential testing can be parallelized depending on the system calls used in the system-under-test. In a case(More)
Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are large interconnected softwareintensive systems that influence, by sensing and actuating, the physical world. Examples are traffic management and power grids. One of the trends we observe is the need to endow such systems with the "smart" capabilities, typically in the form of selfawareness and self-adaptation, along with the(More)
Publish/subscribe communication is a common architectural design pattern in component-based software systems used in many of today's cyber-physical systems to exchange information between distributed software components. These systems typically deal with an increased number of data transfers, with a risk of lacking resources. Our recent domain analysis for(More)
— Companies developing and maintaining software-only products like web shops aim for establishing persistent links to their software running in the field. Monitoring data from real usage scenarios allows for a number of improvements in the software life-cycle, such as quick identification and solution of issues, and elicitation of requirements from(More)
The present study examines psychological (e.g., Machiavellianism) and social (i.e., perceived popularity) motives for bullying, exploring the effects that classroom prestige norms for physical and relational aggression may have on these associations. A longitudinal multilevel study design was adopted, which included 978 5th to 7th graders from four Chilean(More)