Christian Berger

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The role of physical and relational aggression in adolescents' friendship selection was examined in a longitudinal sample of 274 Chilean students from 5th and 6th grade followed over 1 year. Longitudinal social network modeling (SIENA) was used to study selection processes for aggression while influence processes were controlled for. Furthermore, the(More)
Publish/subscribe communication is a common architectural design pattern in component-based software systems used in many of today's cyber-physical systems to exchange information between distributed software components. These systems typically deal with an increased number of data transfers, with a risk of lacking resources. Our recent domain analysis for(More)
Establishing and mastering continuous experimentation as an instrument in the portfolio of software product managers is of growing importance resulting in continuous renewal of products for continuous user satisfaction. Product managers for purely software-based products like web-based applications found in online web-shops or smartphone apps can monitor(More)
Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are large interconnected softwareintensive systems that influence, by sensing and actuating, the physical world. Examples are traffic management and power grids. One of the trends we observe is the need to endow such systems with the "smart" capabilities, typically in the form of selfawareness and self-adaptation, along with the(More)
Cyber-physical systems like robots and self-driving vehicles comprise complex software systems. Their software is typically realized as distributed agents that are responsible for dedicated tasks like sensor data handling, sensor data fusion, or action planning. The modular design allows a flexible deployment as well as algorithm encapsulation to exchange(More)
—Agile software development principles enable companies to successfully and quickly deliver software by meeting their customers' expectations while focusing on high quality. Many companies working with pure software systems have adopted these principles, but implementing them in companies dealing with non-pure software products is challenging. We identified(More)
Slandail is a software prototype designed for use and exploitation of digital content on social media for emergency and disaster management. This will involve the collection, reproduction, distribution, transfer, processing and, potentially, communication to the public of harvested personal data and information by emergency responders. However, the use of a(More)