Christian Bergek

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CONTEXT Measurement of blood haemoglobin concentration by pulse oximetry could be of value in determining when erythrocytes should be transfused during surgery, but the effect of infusion fluids on the results is unclear. OBJECTIVE To study the effect of crystalloid and colloid fluid on the accuracy (bias) and precision of pulse oximetry haemoglobin(More)
BACKGROUND Plethysmographic measurement of haemoglobin concentration ([Formula: see text]), pleth variability index (PVI), and perfusion index (PI) with the Radical-7 apparatus is growing in popularity. Previous studies have indicated that [Formula: see text] has poor precision, particularly when PI is low. We wanted to study the effects of a sympathetic(More)
INTRODUCTION The turnover of Ringer´s solutions is greatly dependent on the physiological situation, such as the presence of dehydration or anaesthesia. The present study evaluates whether the kinetics is affected by previous infusion of colloid fluid. METHODS Ten male volunteers with a mean age of 22 years underwent three infusion experiments, on(More)
BACKGROUND During fluid infusion therapy, plasma proteins are diluted and leak from the intravascular space, which alters the colloid osmotic pressure (COP) and potentially affects coagulation. We hypothesised that acetated Ringer's and starch solution, alone or in combination, influence these mechanisms differently. MATERIALS AND METHODS On different(More)
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