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Women and Artisanal Mining: Gender Roles and the Road Ahead
A hot, dry wind envelopes a statuesque woman as she kneels over wind-sifted trays of tinbearing pulverized ore in Uis, Namibia. In Bolivia, a nine-year old girl scrambles down a steep pit wall yetExpand
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Environmental assessment of mercury contamination from the Rwamagasa artisanal gold mining centre, Geita District, Tanzania.
This study presents the results of an environmental assessment of mercury (Hg) contamination in the Rwamagasa artisanal gold mining area, northwest Tanzania, and the potential downstream dispersionExpand
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The Mt. Diwata study on the Philippines 1999--assessing mercury intoxication of the population by small scale gold mining.
The region of Diwalwal, dominated by Mt. Diwata, is a gold rush area on Mindanao (Philippines) where approximately 15000 people live. The fertile plain of Monkayo is situated downstream, where peopleExpand
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Impacts of mercury contaminated mining waste on soil quality, crops, bivalves, and fish in the Naboc River area, Mindanao, Philippines.
Rice paddy fields in the Naboc area, near Monkayo on the island of Mindanao, Philippines, have been irrigated four times a year over the last decade using Naboc River water contaminated with mercuryExpand
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Mercury as a serious health hazard for children in gold mining areas.
In many developing countries, mercury is used to extract gold from ore in small-scale mining areas. Exposure through mercury in these small-scale mining communities is a serious health hazard,Expand
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Mercury contamination in fish from gold mining areas in Indonesia and human health risk assessment.
This study investigates the effects on fish and assesses human health hazards from mercury released in two gold mining areas in Indonesia: Tatelu (North Sulawesi Province) and Galangan (KatinganExpand
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Health assessment of artisanal gold miners in Indonesia.
Small scale miners use mercury to extract gold from ore in many countries. An environmental and health assessment was performed in Indonesia in two regions, Galangan in Central Kalimantan andExpand
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Health assessment of artisanal gold miners in Tanzania.
In 2003 UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) conducted an environmental and health assessment in a small-scale mining area in Tanzania. BGS (British Geological Survey) performedExpand
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Women, mercury and artisanal gold mining : Risk communication and mitigation
Artisanal miners employ rudimentary techniques for mineral extraction and often operate under hazardous, labour intensive, highly disorganized and illegal conditions. Gold is the main mineralExpand
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The Mt. Diwata study on the Philippines 2000-treatment of mercury intoxicated inhabitants of a gold mining area with DMPS (2,3-dimercapto-1-propane-sulfonic acid, Dimaval).
Ninty-five inhabitants of the gold mining area of Mt. Diwata (on Mindanao, Philippines), who were diagnosed to be mercury (Hg) intoxicated, were orally treated with 2 x 200 mg of the chelating agentExpand
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