Christian Bavoux

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A major tolerance mechanism that functions to replicate damaged genomic DNA across lesions that have escaped elimination by repair mechanism is translesion DNA synthesis (TLS). DNA polymerase kappa (Pol kappa), a specialised low-fidelity DNA polymerase which is able to perform DNA synthesis across several damaged bases, is one of the enzymes involved in the(More)
The evolution of communication through intrasexual selection is expected to lead signalers to transmit honest information on their fighting ability. Here we studied the information encoded in the acoustic structure of the territorial calls of a nocturnal raptor. During territorial contests, male scops owls give hoots composed of a downward frequency shift(More)
The low-fidelity DNA polymerases thought to be specialized in DNA damage processing are frequently misregulated in cancers. We show here that DNA polymerase kappa (polkappa), prone to replicate across oxidative and aromatic adducts and known to function in nucleotide excision repair (NER), is downregulated in colorectal tumour biopsies. Contrary to the(More)
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