Christian Baudelot

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The renal transplantation is nowadays the reference treatment of ESRD. Living donor kidney transplantation is less often performed in France than in other countries. Nevertheless, numerous French and international surveys have evidenced that it provides the recipients a longer life expectancy and a better quality of life. Donors themselves, what do they(More)
An analysis of suicide as a social phenomenon is presented using data for France. The authors show that suicide has changed from being primarily urban in the nineteenth century to being predominately rural today. They note that the family remains the primary defense against suicide. Variations in suicide rates by age and sex are also considered. (More)
Treating suicide as a social fact means disregarding its individual and dramatic dimensions. Sociologists do not reason on the basis of specific cases but by studying the variations, in space and time, of suicide rates. Their contribution relates essentially to a renewed perspective on society: suicide is in fact a very accurate indicator of the intensity(More)
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