Christian Basch

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Although conventional radiography is the method most frequently used for monitoring progression of osteoarthritis, it may not show osteoarthritic changes of the knee until late in the disease, and it may show involvement of only one or two compartments in patients who have tricompartmental disease. We compared radiography, CT, and MR imaging for assessing(More)
In a 12-week controlled clinical study of the effects of two nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug regimens on serum lipoproteins in patients with osteoarthritis, 54 patients were treated with naproxen, 500 mg twice daily, and 45 patients were treated with nabumetone, 1,000 mg once daily. In patients who received naproxen, the mean levels of total serum(More)
Cellular immune reactivity was examined in control subjects and in 16 patients with rheumatoid arthritis before and after administration of levamisole. Prior to levamisole treatment, this population of patients with rheumatoid arthritis had diminished cellular immunity as measured by skin test reactivity, lymphocyte stimulation by antigen and by PHA,(More)
The pharmacokinetic properties of naproxen (375 mg twice daily and 750 mg twice daily) were evaluated in 23 young (age range, 19 to 32 years) and 25 elderly (age range, 65 to 74 years) healthy male volunteers. After an initial screening examination, each subject received 15 doses of naproxen in this double-blind parallel study. Comparison of trough plasma(More)
There are several techniques, that can be used to visualize volumetric data. A data set can be illustrated using slicing (depicting arbitrary slices through the volume), direct volume rendering (DVR), or in a more abstract way, histograms and scatter plots. Usually these different methods of visualization are being applied separately. To recognize(More)
Twenty-three patients with multiple myeloma were studied. They were grouped according to their clinical response and changes in myeloma globulin in the serum or urine while under chemotherapy. Sixteen responded favorably with clinical improvement and marked reduction in the respective M-globulins. Four did not respond and showed progression of disease, and(More)
The effect of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, naproxen, in reducing periodontal disease activity was assessed in 15 patients with rapidly progressive periodontitis. All patients in this double-blind study were treated with scaling and root planing. Thereafter, 7 patients receiving 500 mg naproxen b.i.d. for 3 months, and 8 patients received(More)
Reports of 28 authors with a total of nearly 1,000 enrolled patients have been reviewed regarding changes in clinical manifestations of disease in rheumatoid arthritis during short term and long term administration of levamisole. Global clinical improvement was observed in 60% of patients after three months and in 75% of patients after six months of drug(More)