Christian Barat

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Figure 1: Realistic HDR reflections on several virtual objects with shadow casting, rendered in real-time from live video stream. The reflection maps have been computed from a dense live reconstruction of the scene's light-field. ABSTRACT Acquiring High Dynamic Range (HDR) light-fields from several images with different exposures (sensor integration(More)
In the scope of disabled people assistance for object manipulation and carrying, the paper focuses on the localisation for mobile robot autonomy. In order to respect strong low-cost constraints, the perception system of the mobile robot uses sensors of low metrological quality, ultrasonic ring and odometry. That poses new problems for localisation in(More)
— This paper describes a nonlinear Image-Based Visual Servo controller for automatic landing of a fixed wing aircraft in presence of a wind gust. Only 2D image features are exploited from the image of the runway to perform a typical path for landing maneuver (alignment, glide and flare maneuvers). The visual measurements for the alignment are the two lines(More)
In this paper we propose a modified version of the classical explicit snake (active contour) approach for the segmentation of irregular object shape in video images. In the classical approach the external evolution force is computed using the gradient of the image or the region information. In our original proposed method the external force is computed(More)
We propose a fully automated active contours-based method for the detection and the segmentation of a moored manufactured object in an underwater image. Detection of objects in underwater images is difficult due to the variable lighting conditions and shadows on the object. The proposed technique is based on the information contained in the color maps and(More)
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