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We analyzed several species of the weevil family Mecininae (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) that all feed on iridoid glycoside (IG) containing plants of the Plantaginaceae to investigate whether the beetles sequester these deterrent substances from their host plants. Within the Mecininae two genera of the tribe Cionini were found to sequester aucubin and(More)
Weevils of the genus Cionus (Curculionidae, Mecininae) sequester the iridoid glycosides (IGs) aucubin and catalpol from their host plants Scrophularia or Verbascum (Scrophulariaceae). Cionus hortulanus is the only member of the genus that feeds on both plant genera. We previously showed that sequestration patterns in C. hortulanus depend on the local host.(More)
One critical function that news narratives perform is orienting action: Providing a selective, coherent account of events, they suggest what needs to be done, coordinating and motivating public agendas. The importance of news narratives’ agendas for action has been particularly salient in the coverage of conflict (Wolfsfeld 1997, Robinson et al. 2010):(More)
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