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Chromosome capture by microtubules is widely accepted as the universal mechanism of spindle assembly in dividing cells. However, the observed length of spindle microtubules and computer simulations of spindle assembly predict that chromosome capture is efficient in small cells, but may fail in cells with large nuclear volumes such as animal oocytes. Here we(More)
BACKGROUND The dynamics of nuclear organization, nuclear bodies and RNPs in particular has been the focus of many studies. To understand their function, knowledge of their spatial nuclear position and temporal translocation is essential. Typically, such studies generate a wealth of data that require novel methods in image analysis and computational tools to(More)
  • T Ostermann, D Schneider, C Bacher, B Deutschmann, R Jungreithmair, W Gut +3 others
  • 2003
In the design process of analog and mixed analog-digital circuits some design trade-offs have to be solved. With the use of a special designed test chip this paper will show that the TEM-cell method (IEC 61967-2) can be used as a helpful instrument for these trade-off decisions.
BACKGROUND Patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience higher mortality rates as compared to the general population. While the risk of intensive care unit (ICU) admission is also reported to be higher, little is known about causes of death CoD in critically ill MS patients. AIM To study the causes of death (CoD) in the series of critically ill(More)
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