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Accurate methods quantifying whole landfill surface flux of methane are important for regulatory and research purposes. This paper presents the results from the analysis of chamber measurements utilizing geospatial techniques [kriging and inverse distance weighting (IDW)] to arrive at an estimation of the whole landfill surface flux from the spatially(More)
BACKGROUND HIV has devastated numerous countries in sub-Saharan Africa and is a dominant health force in many other parts of the world. Its undeniable importance is reflected in the establishment of Millennium Development Goal No. 6. Unprecedented amounts of funding have been committed and disbursed over the past two decades. Many have argued that this(More)
BACKGROUND AIDS continues to spread at an estimated 2.6 new million infections per year, making the prevention of HIV transmission a critical public health issue. The dramatic growth in global resources for AIDS has produced a steady scale-up in treatment and care that has not been equally matched by preventive services. This paper is a detailed analysis of(More)
BACKGROUND The 2001 Declaration of Commitment (DoC) adopted by the General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS (UNGASS) included a call to monitor national responses to the HIV epidemic. Since the DoC, efforts and investments have been made globally to strengthen countries' HIV monitoring and evaluation (M&E) capacity. This analysis aims to quantify HIV(More)
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