Christian Andriamiadamanana

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A homogeneous linewidth of 85.6±4.4  kHz is reported in 60 nm Eu3+ doped Y2O3 nanocrystals at 1.3 K. This linewidth was measured by two-pulse photon echoes on highly scattering powders using heterodyne detection. Spectral diffusion was also investigated by three-pulse photon echoes and resulted in a limited broadening of the homogenous linewidth of about(More)
Iron-doped nanocrystalline particles of anatase TiO2 (denoted x% Fe-TiO2, with x the nominal [Fe] atom % in solution) have been successfully synthesized at room temperature by a controlled two-step process. Hydrolysis of titanium isopropoxide is first achieved to precipitate Ti(OH)4 species. A fine control of the pH allows one to maintain (i) soluble iron(More)
Anatase TiO2, a wide bandgap semiconductor, likely the most worldwide studied inorganic material for many practical applications, offers unequal characteristics for applications in photocatalysis and sun energy conversion. However, the lack of controllable, cost-effective methods for scalable fabrication of homogeneous thin films of anatase TiO2 at low(More)
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