Christian Andreas Cramer

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The contribution of seven known and nine predicted genes or operons associated with multidrug resistance to the susceptibility of Escherichia coli W3110 was assessed for 20 different classes of antimicrobial compounds that include antibiotics, antiseptics, detergents, and dyes. Strains were constructed with deletions for genes in the major facilitator(More)
Enterococcus faecium strain 9631355 was isolated from animal sources on the basis of its resistance to the growth promotant avilamycin. The strain also exhibited high-level resistance to evernimicin, a drug undergoing evaluation as a therapeutic agent in humans. Ribosomes from strain 9631355 exhibited a dramatic reduction in evernimicin binding, shown by(More)
Panaqolus tankei is described from the Xingu River, Brazil. The new species is diagnosed from P. albomaculatus, P. dentex, P. nix, P. nocturnus, and P. koko by its color pattern consisting of dark and light diagonal bars on the body and bands on the fins (vs. body and fins without bars or bands); from P. albivermis, P. maccus, and P. purusiensis by the(More)
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