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Existing literature on network community detection typically exploits the structure of static associations between entities. However, real world network data often consists of observations of coordinated interactions between members who belong to multiple communities. This paper presents a novel perspective and approach for activity-based community(More)
Non-traditional, relaxed consistency, triple store databases are the backbone of many web companies (e.g., Google Big Table, Amazon Dynamo, and Facebook Cassandra). The Apache Accumulo database is a high performance open source relaxed consistency database that is widely used for government applications. Obtaining the full benefits of Accumulo requires(More)
Previous work has shown that ultrasonic waves propagating through cancellous bone often exhibit a linear-with-frequency attenuation coefficient, but a decrease in phase velocity with frequency (negative dispersion) that is inconsistent with the causality-imposed Kramers-Kronig relations. In the current study, interfering wave modes similar to those observed(More)
We evaluated the ability of an ultrasound method, which can characterize cardiac muscle pathology and has reliability across different imaging systems, to obtain calibrated quantitative estimates of backscatter of skeletal muscle. Our procedure utilized a tissue-mimicking phantom to establish a linear relationship between ultrasound grayscale and(More)
Previous studies suggest that phase cancellation at the receiving transducer can result in the overestimation of the frequency dependent ultrasonic attenuation of bone, a quantity that has been shown to correlate with bone mineral density and ultimately with osteoporotic fracture risk. Evidence supporting this interpretation is provided by phase insensitive(More)
Previous studies have shown that interference between fast waves and slow waves can lead to observed negative dispersion in cancellous bone. In this study, the effects of overlapping fast and slow waves on measurements of the apparent attenuation as a function of propagation distance are investigated along with methods of analysis used to determine the(More)
Network discovery of clandestine groups and their organization is a primary objective of wide-area surveillance systems. An overall approach and workflow to discover a foreground network embedded within a much larger background, using vehicle tracks observed in wide-area video surveillance data is presented and analyzed in this paper. The approach consists(More)
Previous work from our laboratory showed that the widely reported decrease in phase velocity with frequency (negative dispersion) for ultrasonic waves propagating through trabecular bone can arise from the interference of two compressional waves, each of which exhibits a positive dispersion. Previous simulations suggest that Bayesian probability theory can(More)
Ultrasonic tissue characterization has shown promise for clinical diagnosis of diseased bone (e.g., osteoporosis) by establishing correlations between bone ultrasonic characteristics and the state of disease. Porous (trabecular) bone supports propagation of two compressional modes, a fast wave and a slow wave, each of which is characterized by an(More)