Christian Amann

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In this work, we address the problem of human pose estimation in still images by proposing a holistic model for learning the appearance of the human body from image patches. These patches, which are randomly chosen, are used for extracting features and training a regression forest. During training, a mapping between image features and human poses, defined(More)
  • L Hao, C Aßmann, J C Gallop, D Cox, F Ruede, O Kazakova +3 others
  • 2012
W e report the use of an ultralow noise nano-superconducting quantum interference device nanoSQUID_ to measure the hysteretic magnetization behavior of a single FePt nanobead at a temperature of around 7 K in a magnetic field of only 10 mT. W e also show that the nanobead can be accurately positioned with respect to the SQUID loop and then removed without(More)
AIM National European growth references differ. We aimed to convert (harmonize) currently used charts into a single unified interchangeable LMS format for each European nation. METHODS Nine currently used national European growth references from Belgium (2009), France (1979), Poland (2001), Sweden (2002), Switzerland (1989), the UK (1990), Italy (2006)(More)
To execute system tests, two fundamentally different execution techniques exist: manual and automated execution. For each system test suite, one must decide how to employ those techniques (this strategy is called execution mode). Despite general conditions such as fixed testing strategies or development philosophies, almost all projects permit a wide range(More)
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