Christian Alquier

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Porcine thyroid cells were cultured alone or in mixed cultures with mesenchymal cells. The formation of a basal lamina in vitro was investigated ultrastructurally. Follicular reassociation of thyroid cells occurred in both types of culture; however, it was followed by formation of the basal lamina only when mesenchymal cells were present. The present(More)
The thyroid follicle, the morphofunctional unit of thyroid gland, is a spheroidal structure formed by a monolayer of polarized cells surrounding a closed cavity in which thyroglobulin accumulates. Newly isolated porcine thyroid cells reorganize into two types of structures which differ by the orientation of cell polarity: in follicle-like structures,(More)
We aimed to improve the use of the human intestinal Caco-2 cell line for studying dietary lipid and cholesterol processing by using isolated pure clones (Chantret et al. 1994). Three clones (TC7, PD7 and PF11) were grown as monolayers on semi-permeable filters and compared for cell viability, fatty acid and cholesterol apical uptake or basolateral(More)
Naringin, the main flavanone of grapefruit, was reported to display numerous biological effects: antioxidant, hypocholesteremic, anti-atherogenic and favoring drug absorption. Naringin absorption mechanisms were studied in Caco-2 cells (TC7 clone). We investigated the possible involvement of several membrane transporters implicated in polyphenolic compounds(More)
The regulation of thyroperoxidase (TPO) expression and of its intracellular distribution was studied in porcine thyroid cells cultured on porous bottom filters. Cells were cultured for 18 days in the absence or in the presence of thyrotropin (TSH) and with or without iodide. Microsomes were purified and analyzed by electrophoresis. TPO was detected by(More)
We studied the distribution of binding sites for anti-peroxidase monoclonal antibody and anti-microsomal antibodies on isolated human thyroid follicles and a human thyroid cell line. Both open follicles and cells were incubated first with antibodies at +4 degrees C, then with colloidal gold labelled protein A. The topography of the binding sites for(More)
When cultured in suspension, epithelial thyroid cells organized into inside-out follicles. We studied the behavior of these structures after seeding on polystyrene, type I collagen, and reconstituted basement membrane (RBM) gel. When seeded on plastic, type I collagen or mixed type I collagen-RBM gel, inside-out follicles attached and spread, forming(More)
Porcine thyroid cells were cultured for 15 days on porous bottom chambers with or without different mixtures of hormones added to serum-free basal medium. Assays with 10% serum were also performed for comparison with previously published results. The effects of the hormones, particularly insulin, TSH and hydrocortisone, were studied on total RNA content,(More)
When cultured in high glucose containing medium, the human colon carcinoma cell line HT29-D4 and a clone derived by transfection with the MDR1 cDNA (MDR31) form multilayers of unorganized cells which are not polarized and are linked by desmosomes. Within these multilayers appear spontaneously large multicellular follicle-like-structures (FLS) where(More)
Using a recently described cell line derived from the fusion of human thyroid and human myeloma cells, we studied the effects of TSH on cell growth, iodide organification, and cAMP production. Although these cells grow in the absence of TSH, when incubated for 2 days in serum-free medium containing purified human or bovine TSH, there was a significant(More)