Christian Adrián López-Castillo

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PurposeTo evaluate the incidence and clinical features of patients with ocular toxoplasmosis in a Colombian cohort.MethodsWe collected prospectively the clinical features of patients with ocular toxoplasmosis seen at the ‘Universidad del Quindio’ health centre between September 2005 and September 2007 (24 months).ResultsSeventy patients were included in the(More)
PURPOSE To describe the distribution pattern and the clinical features of uveitis in two ophthalmology referral centres in Colombia. METHODS This was a retrospective study in which clinical records of patients attending the centres between 1996 and 2006 were systematically reviewed. Data were analysed and compared with previous reports. RESULTS Uveitis(More)
PURPOSE To report the epidemiological, clinical and prognostic features of ocular toxoplasmosis in an immigrant population in the Barcelona area. METHODS A retrospective non-comparative observational study was conducted on a case series of 22 immigrant patients diagnosed with ocular toxoplasmosis by ophthalmoscopic and serological findings. Demographic,(More)
In 2015, we investigated Bartonella quintana and typhus group rickettsiae in body lice from homeless persons in Bogotá, Colombia. We found B. quintana-infected body lice and seroprevalence of this microorganism in 19% of homeless persons and typhus group rickettsiae in 56%. Public health professionals should start preemptive measures and active vector(More)
We report two cases of postoperative Alcaligenes xylosoxidans endophthalmitis. A 78-year-old woman in good general health developed A. xylosoxidans endophthalmitis one month after an uncomplicated phacoemulsification procedure with posterior chamber intraocular lens. It was performed on her left eye, at another institution. Removal of the intraocular lens(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the risk factors associated with acute toxoplasmosis during pregnancy in Armenia. METHODS Case-control study; 14 cases and 34 controls (mean ages 23 +/- 5.5 and 23 +/- 5.1 respectively; p = 0.93). Cases were pregnant women with serological criteria for acute toxoplasmosis and controls were seronegative pregnant women for Toxoplasma(More)
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