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2 Intervehicle communication and its diverse application possibilities are experiencing growing interest both in research and industry. The dissemination of active safety messages generated by context sensitive applications in vehicular ad hoc networks promises to improve passenger safety and comfort.
— Vehicular ad hoc networks are considered as technology enabler for new automotive telematics services. In particular , those networks will enable foresighted active safety applications. However, in order to guarantee fast market introduction, a large variety of different applications with different traffic patterns must be supported. Due to the strict(More)
Die effiziente Bewältigung eines Massenanfalls von Verletzten und Erkrankten erfordert sowohl gut abgestimmte und geübte Vorgehensweisen der Einsatzkräfte als auch reibungslosen Informationsaustausch zwischen allen Beteiligten und durch alle Führungsebenen. Bestehende Systeme für die Patientensichtung, -registrierung und Rettungsmitteldisposition basieren(More)
Guards on machine tools are intended to protect persons from being injured by parts ejected with high kinetic energy from the work zone of the machine. Stationary grinding machines are a typical example. Generally such machines are provided with abrasive product guards closely enveloping the grinding wheel. However, many machining tasks do not allow the use(More)
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