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Fire in the Earth System
Burn, Baby, Burn Wildfires can have dramatic and devastating effects on landscapes and human structures and are important agents in environmental transformation. Their impacts on nonanthropocentricExpand
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From hope to crisis and back again? A critical history of the global CBNRM narrative
SUMMARY Community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) has been on the ascendancy for several decades and plays a leading role in conservation strategies worldwide. Arriving out of a desire toExpand
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The human dimension of fire regimes on Earth
Humans and their ancestors are unique in being a fire-making species, but ‘natural’ (i.e. independent of humans) fires have an ancient, geological history on Earth. Natural fires have influencedExpand
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Deforestation, erosion, and fire: degradation myths in the environmental history of Madagascar.
Mention of the island nation of Madagascar conjures up images of exotic nature, rampant deforestation, and destructive erosion. Popular descriptions of the island frequently include phrases such asExpand
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Empowering Pyromaniacs in Madagascar: Ideology and Legitimacy in Community‐Based Natural Resource Management
Development practitioners frequently rely on community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) as an approach to encourage equitable and sustainable environmental resource use. Based on an analysisExpand
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Adoption, use and perception of Australian acacias around the world
Aim  To examine the different uses and perceptions of introduced Australian acacias (wattles; Acacia subgenus Phyllodineae) by rural households and communities. Location  EighteenExpand
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Integrating ecosystem services and disservices: insights from plant invasions
There is growing interest in ecosystem disservices, i.e. the negative effects of ecosystems on humans. The focus on disservices has been controversial because of the lack of clarity on how toExpand
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Tropical Forest Transitions and Globalization:Neo-Liberalism, Migration, Tourism, and International Conservation Agendas
Deforestation is giving way to forest regeneration in some tropical regions. We investigate such “forest transitions” in two biodiversity-rich countries. A case study near the Pacific Coast of CostaExpand
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Risk assessment, eradication, and biological control: global efforts to limit Australian acacia invasions
Aim Many Australian Acacia species have been planted around the world, some are highly valued, some are invasive, and some are both highly valued and invasive. We review global efforts to minimizeExpand
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Middle-range theories of land system change
Changes in land systems generate many sustainability challenges. Identifying more sustainable land-use alternatives requires solid theoretical foundations on the causes of land-use/cover changes.Expand
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