Christian A. Kunder

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During infection, signals from the periphery are known to reach draining lymph nodes (DLNs), but how these molecules, such as inflammatory cytokines, traverse the significant distances involved without dilution or degradation remains unclear. We show that peripheral mast cells, upon activation, release stable submicrometer heparin-based particles containing(More)
Mast cells (MCs) promote a wide range of localized and systemic inflammatory responses. Their involvement in immediate as well as chronic inflammatory reactions at both local and distal sites points to an extraordinarily powerful immunoregulatory capacity with spatial and temporal versatility. MCs are preferentially found in close proximity to both vascular(More)
• DLBCL can be detected in the blood by immunoglobulin high-throughput sequencing (Ig-HTS) with high specificity • While DLBCL can be detected in leukocytes or plasma by Ig-HTS, plasma has greater sensitivity and more accurately reflects disease Abstract Recent studies have shown limited utility of routine surveillance imaging for diffuse large B-cell(More)
The human germinal centre-associated lymphoma gene is specifically expressed in germinal centre B-lymphocytes and germinal centre-derived B-cell lymphomas, but its function is largely unknown. Here we demonstrate that human germinal centre-associated lymphoma directly binds to Syk in B cells, increases its kinase activity on B-cell receptor stimulation and(More)
Plastic bronchitis (PB) is a pathologic condition in which airway casts develop in the tracheobronchial tree causing airway obstruction. There is no standard treatment strategy for this uncommon condition. We report an index patient treated using an emerging multimodal strategy of directly instilled and inhaled tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) as well as(More)
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