Christian A. Gonzalez

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Individual differences in cognitive flexibility may underlie a variety of different user behaviors, but a lack of effective measurement tools has limited the predictive and descriptive potential of cognitive flexibility in humancomputer interaction applications. This study presents a new computerized measure of cognitive flexibility, and then provides(More)
Ascribing mental states to non-human agents has been shown to increase their likeability and lead to better joint-task performance in human-robot interaction (HRI). However, it is currently unclear what physical features non-human agents need to possess in order to trigger mind attribution and whether different aspects of having a mind (e.g., feeling pain,(More)
This paper presents a novel modeling and simulation methodology applied in the study case of dynamic behavior analysis of a manipulator robot of three degree freedom, so to consider the full mathematical model of the manipulator it is possible to provide support for planning, design and evaluation of the robot, later, an evaluation of the control strategies(More)
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