Christian A. Cancino

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Many countries are investing a lot in innovation in order to modernize their economies. A key step in this process is the development of academic research in innovation. This article analyzes the leading countries in innovation research between 1989 and 2013 from an academic perspective. The aim of the study is to identify the most relevant countries in(More)
The great and dynamic possibilities offered by the information technologies (IT) impose new challenges to the organizations. The new capabilities of IT demand that the skills and abilities of the people in charge of the technological management evolve accordingly. In this context we are intrigued by what is the evolution of the Chief Information Officer(More)
The concept of sustainable growth has been gaining momentum globally due to the need to manage limited resources like energy, food and air while at the same time sustaining the growth of economies for the wellbeing of the people. Technological innovations are the key to optimizing the use of resources in societies pursuing sustainable(More)
In the last few decades many firms have been making large investments in e-commerce applications, digital technologies or the use of the Internet in several business activities and processes, giving rise to the notions of digital business and digital economy. Consequently, the number of academic articles on digital business has grown exponentially. The aim(More)
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