Christian Aßmann

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Despite the single currency, yields on government bonds in the Euro Area deviate from German bond yields. These bond spreads are usually attributed to differing default and liquidity risks. Recent research points out that time-varying global factors, approximated by risk measures or short term interest rates, play an important role for the evaluation of(More)
We test the hypothesis that differences in social status between groups of people within a population may induce variation in insulin-like growth factor-1(IGF-1) levels and, by extension, growth in height. This is called the community effect in height hypothesis. The relationship between IGF-1, assessed via finger-prick dried blood spot, and elite level(More)
For a three-state Markov system in a stationary state, we discuss whether, on the basis of data obtained from effective two-state (or on-off) trajectories, it is possible to discriminate between an equilibrium state and a nonequilibrium steady state. By calculating the full phase diagram we identify a large region where such data will be consistent only(More)
Synopsis The stress vs strain curves in dense colloidal dispersions under start up shear flow are investigated combining experiments on model core shell microgels, computer simulations of hard disk mixtures, and mode coupling theory. In dense fluid and glassy states, the transient stresses exhibit first a linear increase with the accumulated strain, then a(More)
This paper analyzes the costs of housing crises in terms of GDP growth and the economic conditions under which crises are particularly costly. Housing crises are often followed by recessions that are longer than other recessions. According to empirical estimates, a housing crisis reduces the GDP growth rate in the following year on average by two percentage(More)
Height and skeletal morphology strongly relate to life style. Parallel to the decrease in physical activity and locomotion, modern people are slimmer in skeletal proportions. In German children and adolescents, elbow breadth and particularly relative pelvic breadth (50th centile of bicristal distance divided by body height) have significantly decreased in(More)
Synopsis We present results from microscopic mode coupling theory generalized to colloidal dispersions under shear in an integration through transients formalism. Stress strain curves in start up shear, flow curves, and normal stresses are calculated with the equilibrium static structure factor as only input. Hard spheres close to their glass transition are(More)
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