Christiaan Vermeulen

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BACKGROUND The radiolanthanide (161)Tb has, in recent years, attracted increasing interest due to its favorable characteristics for medical application. (161)Tb exhibits similar properties to the widely-used therapeutic radionuclide (177)Lu. In contrast to (177)Lu, (161)Tb yields a significant number of short-ranging Auger/conversion electrons (≤50 keV)(More)
BACKGROUND Terbium has attracted the attention of researchers and physicians due to the existence of four medically interesting radionuclides, potentially useful for SPECT and PET imaging, as well as for α- and β(-)-radionuclide therapy. The aim of this study was to produce (152)Tb (T 1/2 = 17.5 h, Eβ+av = 1140 keV) and evaluate it in a preclinical setting(More)
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