Christiaan P. Katsma

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Developing the business case (BC) for an inter-organizational network is a major challenge. Factors like competition and differences in semantics between actors influence the stakeholders' willingness to share information necessary for the BC development. In this paper we develop an exploratory framework showing the effect that coordination structure and(More)
Software-based tooling has become an essential part of globally disitrbuted software development. In this study we focus on the usage of such tools and task boards in particular. We investigate the deployment of these tools through a field research in 4 different companies that feature agile and globally distributed development teams. We interviewed a total(More)
Collaboration currently is crucial for stakeholders operating in the supply chain. Nevertheless effective and sustainable forms of interand intra-supply-chain collaboration are scarce in practice. Often this is caused by the false interpretation of conflicts of interest on sharing benefits or sensitive data about sales and orders. Serious gaming has shown(More)