Christi Symeonidou

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We present DRASync, a region-based allocator that implements a global address space abstraction for MPI programs with pointer-based data structures. The main features of DRASync are: (a) it amortizes communication among nodes to allow efficient parallel allocation in a global address space; (b) it takes advantage of bulk deallocation and good locality with(More)
Ultrascale computing systems are likely to reach speeds of two or three orders of magnitude greater than today's computing systems. However, to achieve this level of performance, we need to design and implement more sustainable solutions for ultra-scale computing systems, at both the hardware and software levels, while understanding sustainability in a(More)
We study general techniques for implementing distributed data structures on top of future many-core architectures with non cache-coherent or partially cache-coherent memory. With the goal of contributing towards what might become, in the future, the concurrency utilities package in Java collections for such architectures, we end up with a comprehensive(More)
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