Christi L Wideman

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The function of the compound eye is dependent upon a developmental program that specifies different cell fates and directs the expression of spectrally distinct opsins in different photoreceptor cells. Rh5 is a novel Drosophila opsin gene that encodes a biologically active visual pigment that is expressed in a subset of R8 photoreceptor cells. Rh5(More)
The Auger electron emitting agent 5-[125I]iodo-2'-deoxyuridine (i.e. [125I]IUdR) holds promise for the treatment of residual glioma after surgery because this thymidine analogue kills only proliferating cells. However, malignant cells which are not synthesizing DNA during exposure to the radiopharmaceutical will be spared. To determine whether tumour(More)
Development of new therapies for myeloma has been hindered by the lack of suitable preclinical animal models of the disease in which widespread tumor foci in the skeleton can be detected reliably. Traditional means of detecting skeletal tumor infiltration such as histopathology are cumbersome and labor-intensive and do not allow temporal monitoring of tumor(More)
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