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Establishment of automated testing is a high risk as well as a high investment project. It is not uncommon to come across real-life stories about failed test automation attempts in the literature. In fact, it is often cited that failure rates for test automation projects are as high as - if not higher than - any other software development projects. What are(More)
Is atmospheric dispersion forecasting an important asset of the early-phase nuclear emergency response management? Is there a 'perfect atmospheric dispersion model'? Is there a way to make the results of dispersion models more reliable and trustworthy? While seeking to answer these questions the multi-model ensemble dispersion forecast system ENSEMBLE will(More)
Simulations of atmospheric dispersion of radon around the uranium mill tailings of the former Pridneprovsky Chemical Plant (PChP) in Ukraine were carried out with the aid of two atmospheric dispersion models: the Airviro Grid Model and the CALMET/CALPUFF model chain. The available measurement data of radon emission rates taken in the territories and the(More)
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