Christer Olofsson

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High nuclear spin polarization of (13)C was reached in organic molecules. Enhancements of up to 10(4), compared to thermal polarization at 1.5 T, were achieved using the parahydrogen-induced polarization technique in combination with a field cycling method. While parahydrogen has no net polarization, it has a high spin order, which is retained when hydrogen(More)
This Special Issue constitutes an edited selection from the papers of a conference Financing SMEs, sponsored by Sweden’s NUTEK and held in Brussels in September 1995. The conference program was structured to include a significant proportion of the papers by policy-makers from both the public and the private sectors, the remainder to be contributed by the(More)
This paper addresses the development of farm businesses in Sweden, 2000–2007, with regard to their specialization in single farm enterprises, diversified agricultural production and diversification with new income-generating ventures. Furthermore, regression analysis is used to study the impact of farm characteristics on the observed specialization and(More)