Christer Friberg

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After a long period of focus on western and Asian scripts there is now a general trend in the on-line handwriting recognition community to explore recognition of other scripts such as Arabic and various Indic scripts. One difficulty with the Arabic script is the number and position of diacritic marks associated to Arabic characters. This paper explores the(More)
We propose a scheme that could offer a convenient Monte Carlo sampling of next-to-leading-order matrix elements and, at the same time, allow the interfacing of such parton configurations with a parton-shower approach for the estimation of higher-order effects. No actual implementation exists so far, so this note should only be viewed as the outline of a(More)
The most prevailing hypothesis regarding mechanisms behind specific language impairment today is the hypothesis of general limitations of processing capacity. Such an hypothesis can hardly be tested by available language assessment tools, especially not by instruments in use for clinical assessment of the lexical-semantic domain in children. Reduced naming(More)
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