Christer Carlsson

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Dubois and Prade introduced the mean value of a fuzzy number as a closed interval bounded by the expectations calculated from its upper and lower distribution functions. In this paper introducing the notations of lower possibilistic and upper possibilistic mean values we definine the interval-valued possibilistic mean and investigate its relationship to the(More)
Since the early 1970s, decision support systems (DSS) technology and applications have evolved significantly. Many technological and organizational developments have exerted an impact on this evolution. DSS once utilized more limited database, modeling, and user interface functionality, but technological innovations have enabled far more powerful DSS(More)
To have a real option means to have the possibility for a certain period to either choose for or against making an invetsment decision, without binding oneself up front. The real option rule is that one should invest today only if the net present value is high enough to compensate for giving up the value of the option to wait. Because the option to invest(More)
The future of mobile telephony is expected to rely on mobile services and the use of mobile services will be an integral part of the revenues to be generated by third generation mobile telephony. The adoption of new mobile services contradicts this proposition as it has been much slower than expected, especially in Europe. Basic services such as SMS, ring(More)