Christelle der Loughian

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How adherent and contractile systems coordinate to promote cell shape changes is unclear. Here, we define a counterbalanced adhesion/contraction model for cell shape control. Live-cell microscopy data showed a crucial role for a contractile meshwork at the top of the cell, which is composed of actin arcs and myosin IIA filaments. The contractile actin(More)
Confining cells on adhesive patterns allows performing robust, weakly dispersed, statistical analysis. A priori, adhesive patterns could be efficient tools to analyze intracellular cell stress fields, in particular when patterns are used to force the geometry of the cytoskeleton. This tool could then be very helpful in deciphering the relationship between(More)
In the context of sonoporation, we use supported lipid bilayers as a model for biological membranes and investigate the interactions between the bilayer and microbubbles induced by ultrasound. Among the various types of damage caused by bubbles on the surface, our experiments exhibit a singular dynamic interaction process where bubbles are jumping on the(More)
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