Christelle Masdeu

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The seven-transmembrane receptor Smoothened (Smo) transduces the signal initiated by Hedgehog (Hh) morphogen binding to the receptor Patched (Ptc). We have reinvestigated the pharmacological properties of reference molecules acting on the Hh pathway using various Hh responses and a novel functional assay based on the coexpression of Smo with the alpha(More)
Mutations in the HNF1beta gene, encoding the dimeric POU-homeodomain transcription factor HNF1beta (TCF2 or vHNF1), cause various phenotypes including maturity onset diabetes of the young 5 (MODY5), and abnormalities in kidney, pancreas and genital tract development. To gain insight into the molecular mechanisms underlying these phenotypes and into the(More)
The seven-transmembrane receptor Smoothened is essential for hedgehog signal transduction. In adulthood, the highest density of Smoothened mRNA is found in the granule cell layer of the dentate gyrus. There, Smoothened expression is regulated by the synaptic activity involving the glutamatergic transmission. The precise localization of Smoothened proteins,(More)
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