Christelle Guerret-Piecourt

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The self-consistent charge transport in bulk alumina samples during electron beam irradiation is described by means of an iterative computer simulation. Ballistic electron and hole transport as well as their recombination and trapping are included. As a main result the time-dependent secondary electron emission rate s(t) and the spatial distributions of(More)
The present study deals with the modification of the human skin biotribological behaviour after tape stripping. The tape-stripping procedure consists in the sequential application and removal of adhesive tapes on the skin surface in order to remove stratum corneum (SC) layers, which electrically charges the skin surface. The skin electric charges generated(More)
  • Nadège Cornet, Dominique Gœuriot, +4 authors Hans-Joachim Fitting
  • 2017
The electron beam induced selfconsistent charge transport in layered insulators (here bulk alumina covered by a thin silica layer) is described by means of an electron-hole flightdrift model FDM and an iterative computer simulation. Ballistic secondary electrons and holes, their attenuation and drift, as well as their recombination, trapping, and detrapping(More)
This work is focused on the charging behavior of bulk dielectric sample covered with a surface layer. Indeed, thanks to a flight-drift model of electrons and holes in insulators and an iterative computer simulation, it is possible to understand the charge transport and trapping in bulk insulating samples. However the presence of a surface layer modifies the(More)
This article is devoted first to anisotropic distributions of stored electric charges in isotropic materials, second to charge trapping and induced electrostatic potential in anisotropic dielectrics. On the one hand, we examine the case of anisotropic trapped charge distributions in linear homogeneous isotropic (LHI) insulators, obtained after an electron(More)
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