Christelle Cousin

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The (pro)renin receptor [(P)RR] is a 35-kDa transmembrane protein that plays a pivotal role in angiotensin tissue generation and in nonproteolytic prorenin activation. We detected a soluble form of (P)RR [s(P)RR; 28 kDa] in the conditioned medium of cultured cells. The aims of our study were to identify the protease responsible for the generation of s(P)RR,(More)
Human adenovirus type 2 mutant, H2 ts 111, presented a double phenotype: temperature-sensitive (ts) for initiation and elongation of DNA synthesis, and cytocidal (cyt) by its large-plaque formation and the nucleolytic cleavage of both viral and cellular DNAs. Both characters were recessive since they were efficiently complemented by wild-type or other(More)
INTRODUCTION Dysarthria is one of the first sign of neurological Wilson's disease and is often characterized by a decreased speech rate. The aim of this study is to determine the abilities of Wilson's disease dysarthric patients to control their speech rate. We examined the impact of dual-tasking on the speech rate of patients as compared to healthy control(More)
Le dé bit de parole du patient wilsonien dysarthrique peut-il e ˆ tre amé lioré en condition de double tâ che ? Keywords: Wilson's disease Dysarthria Speech rate Dual task Executive functions r e ´ s u m e ´ Introduction. – Les dysarthries figurent parmi les premiers signes neurologiques de la mala-die de Wilson (MW) et se caracté risent par un dé bit de(More)
Twenty-four patients presenting an acute stroke with watershed cerebral infarct on CT scan or MRI were included in this retrospective study. Age was 63 +/- 14 years (mean +/- SD), and sex ratio was 2 men for 1 woman. Main clinical features were: in anterior location, lower limb weakness and frontal syndrome with transcortical motor aphasia in left lesions(More)
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