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beta-catenin is a multifunctional protein: it plays a central role in the cell-cell adhesive junctions, and participates in transduction of the morphogenic Wingless/Wnt-signal. Upon detailed analysis of the human beta-catenin gene, an intragenic polymorphic microsatellite marker could be identified. This marker shows 62% heterozygosity and was used in a(More)
A linear model for the genes controlling the system C blood group factors was presented by Bouw et al. (1974) and confirmed by Guerin et al. (1981). The relative order of the R and W genes was not established by either of these studies. A recently observed recombination in the C system is reported here, providing evidence for the positioning of the R and W(More)
Following the adoption of key national policy, several campaigns aimed at increasing the number of adult males receiving circumcisions have been implemented across South Africa. Evidence as to the likely effectiveness of such interventions comes predominantly from three large randomized-controlled trials. However, little has been written about how these(More)
’n Opname oor die houding van geregistreerde verpleegkundiges teenoor hulle beroep is by die Addington-hospitaal, Durban, gemaak. Altesaam 212 geregistreerde verpleegkundiges het op ’n vraelvs reageer. Die belangrikste bevinding is dat verpleegkundiges hulle werk geniet, dat hulle wesenlik sorgsame mense is wat, om humanistiese redes besluit het om te(More)
The mode of inheritance of blood groups in man and animals has been a matter of discussion as long as investigations in this field have been performed. A series of aberrations from the usual transmission of genes controlling the blood groups of the system B of cattle is presented. These data offer a contribution to the assumption that the blood groups are(More)
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