Christelle Boulé

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Over the last few decades, nanoparticles have been studied in theranostic field with the objective of exhibiting a long circulation time through the body coupled to major accumulation in tumor tissues, rapid elimination, therapeutic potential and contrast properties. In this context, we developed sub-5 nm gadolinium-based nanoparticles that possess in vitro(More)
A better knowledge of synovial fluid (SF) ultrastructure is required to further understand normal joint lubrication and metabolism. The aim of the present study was to elucidate SF structural features in healthy joints from three mammalian species of different size compared with features in biomimetic SF. High-resolution structural analysis was performed(More)
A new low molecular weight hydrogelator with a saccharide (lactobionic) polar head linked by azide-alkyne click chemistry was prepared in three steps. It was obtained in high purity without chromatography, by phase separation and ultrafiltration of the aqueous gel. Gelation was not obtained reproducibly by conventional heating-cooling cycles and instead was(More)
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