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A Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of mobile nodes communicating through wireless connections without any prior network infrastructure. In such a network the broadcasting methods are widely used for sending safety messages and routing information. To transmit a broadcast message effectively in a wide and high mobility MANET (for instance in(More)
This paper presents a self-adaptive algorithm that hybridises evolutionary and multiagent concepts. Each evolutionary individual is implemented as a simple agent capable of re-production and predation. The transitions between these two states depend on the agent's local environment. Thus, no explicit global process is defined to select neither the mates nor(More)
This paper presents an original method of permanent magnet motor optimal design developped by both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science laboratories. An Evolutionary Algorithm combining Genetic Algorithms and Multiagent Systems is used. This Genetic Multiagent System parameters are determined using a robust design method based on the Taguchi(More)
This paper extends an elitist multi-objective evolutionary algorithm, named GAME, based on several Pareto fronts corresponding to various fitness definitions. An additional operator is defined to create an adaptive version of this algorithm, called aGAME. This new operator alternates different modes of exploration of the search space all through an aGAME(More)
—Acquiring current position information from the GNSS is a straightforward procedure outdoors. Any mobile device, equipped with a GNSS receiver, having a line of sight with enough numbers of satellites can calculate its location. The mobile device does not need a full connection with any of these satellites. In the indoor positioning using the Wireless(More)
Broadcasting efficiently in a Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET) is a hard task to achieve. An efficient communication algorithm must take into account several aspects such as the neighboring density, the size and shape of the network, the use of the channel, the priority level of the message. Some studies [6, 12, 13] have proposed new solutions of(More)