Christelle Abou Nader

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In this paper, we report a study in which a laser biospeckle technique is used to detect the climacteric peak indicating the optimal ripeness of fruits. We monitor two batches of harvested Golden apples going through the ripening phase in low- and room-temperature environments, determine speckle parameters, and measure the emitted ethylene concentration(More)
In this paper, we present the evolution of speckle pattern polarimetric parameters in response to controlled changes in scatterer sizes, proportions, and the absorption coefficient in media. The experimental study was performed on mixtures of polystyrene microspheres with dye in order to ensure biological medium-like properties. The speckle grain sizes and(More)
The noninvasive detection of a material's viscoelasticity is of great importance in the medical field. In fact, certain diseases cause changes in tissue structure and biological fluid viscosity; tracking those changes allows for detection of these diseases. Rheological measurements are also imperative in the industrial field, where it is necessary to(More)
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