Christella E. Widjaja

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The link between autoimmune diseases and primary immunodeficiency syndromes has been increasingly appreciated. Immunologic evaluation of a young man with autoimmune enterocolopathy and unexplained infections revealed evidence of immunodeficiency, including IgG subclass deficiency, impaired Ag-induced lymphocyte proliferation, reduced cytokine production by(More)
The epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) endows carcinoma cells with phenotypic plasticity that can facilitate the formation of cancer stem cells (CSCs) and contribute to the metastatic cascade. While there is substantial support for the role of EMT in driving cancer cell dissemination, less is known about the intracellular molecular mechanisms that(More)
During microbial infection, responding CD8+ T lymphocytes differentiate into heterogeneous subsets that together provide immediate and durable protection. To elucidate the dynamic transcriptional changes that underlie this process, we applied a single-cell RNA-sequencing approach and analyzed individual CD8+ T lymphocytes sequentially throughout the course(More)
Boyko Kakaradov1,6, Janilyn Arsenio2,6, Christella E. Widjaja2,6, Zhaoren He1, Stefan Aigner1, Patrick J. Metz2, Bingfei Yu3, Ellen J. Wehrens3, Justine Lopez2, Stephanie H. Kim2, Elina I. Zuniga3, Ananda W. Goldrath3, John T. Chang2,7, and Gene W. Yeo1,4,5,7 1Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of California, San Diego, CA, USA(More)
During an immune response, CD8+ T lymphocytes can undergo asymmetric division, giving rise to daughter cells that exhibit distinct tendencies to adopt terminal effector and memory cell fates. Here we show that "pre-effector" and "pre-memory" cells resulting from the first CD8+ T cell division in vivo exhibited low and high rates of endogenous proteasome(More)
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